We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from our trainees at the end of a course. We share this with you and, with the permission of our trainees, their email so you can get in contact with them to ask your own questions that you may not want to ask us. It is important the training is right for you so you should be able to get the best advice before signing up - and that has to be from our previous trainees.

Dec 2017, Surveillance, Private Investigation, Close Protection
I really enjoyed the course, especially the surveillance phase. I felt like the knowledge of the instructors made it easier to understand all aspects of the course.
– Arron Jordon
arronjordan119 [at] gmail.com
Dec 2017, Surveillance, Private Investigation, Close Protection
The course was brilliant, learnt lots and already I can see that the post course support is very good!
– Jonathan Scholick
jonny.scholick [at] gmail.com
A way forward towards a new path in life - very enjoyable.
– Adam Vitri
Very good course from start to finish. I learned a lot from the instructors.
– Michelle de Garis
Excellent course, well structured and straight to the point. Highly recommend.
– Michael Foster
Excellent course, highly recommend.
– Stephen Lewis
I thought the knowledge and approachability of the instructors was excellent as were the exercise scenarios.
– William Finlay
williamfin89 [at] gmail [dot] com
Excellent course. I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve learned and how much the instructors know about the subjects.
– Elon Nilsson
e-son [at] live.se
A very good course with highly verified instructors.
– Marcus Holm
marcus-holm [at] live.com
I have learned so much, the instructors were on point and the course was at a good tempo. Highly recommended.
– Fredrik Dalsjo
fredrik,dalsjo [at] gmail.com