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13th July 2012 General Interest 2 Comments

One of my most respected colleagues always used to say to me “you should never do a favour to get a favour” and you know it is so true! Far, far too many people in the security industry do not share good practice, offer good advice or give a helping hand to the next generation of budding close protection officers and surveillance operators for fear that in doing so it will affect their own position within the industry. This is extremely weak. I have found that those offering training services are particularly bad in this area but it is something that we do not prescribe to. It goes without saying that we want fellow professionals to attend our courses over those offered by others but if we receive a call for a chat or an email enquiery then we try our level best to respond to that persons needs within a reasonable time. Indeed, we have on occasion granted entry to the Argus Group to security professionals from outside our immediate fold simply because they have approached us and we have found them to be good, professional people, the sort that we wish to be surrounded by and want our students to have access to.

Why us?

I often get requests from total strangers about a huge variety of subjects regarding the security industry and where possible I respond to them in detail. Many of the people that get in touch have had friends and colleagues attend our courses and pass on to then that we are happy to offer advice and guidance without any strings. Naturally, our students come first but I feel that it is important to make time for people when they ask. I do appreciate that there are certain online areas available to security professionals but the feedback that I have had is that people are unwilling to post and ask questions due to being “shot down” by the so called experienced operators who spend HOURS and HOURS concocting the most poisonous diatribe in order to make themselves look good in front of their similarly experienced friends. This gentlemen and ladies is not the way forward. Ignore these trolls, move on, find contemporaries that are happy to offer help and advice and most of all make sure that when someone comes calling at your door you extend the olive branch to them.

What can you do?

You’ve managed to get your foot in the door and are making progress within your chosen areas of the security industry and someone asks for help…..what can you do for them? The biggest thing is to be honest, tell them about your experiences, the mistakes that you have made, the good decisions that you have taken and the good and bad fortune that you have had. Maybe you have heard from others that have had good and bad experiences, pass these on also, if they benefit others then that is great! You could also pass on the details of someone that you believe is or will make a good operator. This has two outcomes. The person who you may be able to get work will be extremely grateful to you but this should not be done to get a favour in the future or have people say nice things about you, rather it should be done because it is the right thing to do! Recommending good people to colleagues is a smart move. They do a good job for your colleague, their client is happy and wish to use the ‘security’ again and again. They tell their colleagues about their good experiences and they themselves decide that security is a must rather than a “would like”. It is a no brainer.

Good operators on good jobs = happy clients = more work!


If you are the sort that likes to take but not give then not only are you not doing yourself any justice but you are not doing the security industry justice either. Be confident in your own ability, pass on good practice and good operators and be pleased that you have done so……..the industry will benefit by your doing so.



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  • Logas

    14th July 2012 at 6:44 pm - Reply

    This is a topic “we” are very touchy on. Tell me that this industry is not hard enough as it is for operators to start off in?? It has to be one of the most challenging around!

    Some forget where they started off, isolated in a new environment with little or no support or guidance to turn too. They get the break but forget those behind them. Why? Everyone needs that helping hand or invisible start line to set off from.

    This industry requires you to put a lot in and in return you can get a lot out. This goes for helping others also. The tables might quickly turn on the circuit. We have seen it happen many times before.

    Nothing frustrates us more than people taking but not giving.

    Return the favour to those that need it. Don’t sit on the fence!

  • Thomo

    28th July 2012 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    Agreed, I personally have found the industry to be split into two groups – givers and takers, sadly the latter seams to be the norm. This forum unlike others i could mention *P World……. (but wont!) breads good practise from the beginning!! Thanks Argus

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