Argus Europe Limited – real testimonials from real people!

These are real testimonials from real people. We have included their e-mail addresses or websites with their permission so get in touch with them and ask them about their time with us. Do your research now and ensure that you select the right training provider. How many other training providers give you this information to help you make a decision? This is just a selection of the testimonials that we get, the hard copies are available for anyone to inspect should you wish to do so.

Neil Plewa, December 2016 – Full Course

Very enjoyable, satisfying course, great staff. Thank you to all!

Dax Crosby, December 2016 – Full Course

A very enjoyable course, instructed by faultless instructors who have years of knowledge and experience to share.

Robert Walisko, December 2016 – Full Course

Anyone who thinks they know about surveillance (or wants to know) should attend this course. You will learn a huge amount and have a marketable skill. robertw8001 (at) aol . com

Sheridan Coulthard

This course exceeded my expectations in all areas. The rigour in which it is delivered challenges the mind in numerous ways to ensure that we have the skills required of a CPO. Highly recommended. shed.coulthard (at) ncl.ac.uk

Leander Visser, November 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)

The course was excellent and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a CP course. lvisserr100 (at) gmail.com

Leigh James, November 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Although the course is intense, it was made enjoyable by the enthusiasm shown by the instructors and their passion for what they teach. leigh.james (at) yahoo.com

Andy Stevens, November 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Excelelnt course, professional throughout. andystevenson1983 (at) outlook.com

Mike Hiskett, October 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

The course was excellent from start to finish, all of the instructors were excellent in relaying what we needed to know and it was enjoyable throughout. michaelhiskett (at) hotmail.co.uk

Dilip Gurung, October 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

The course was excellent, very enjoyable. Instructors were great.

Pete Myers, June 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed.

Luke Hardy, June 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

This course provides up to date training delivered by professionals. Importantly they still operate in the industry. The course is practically based, providing an excellent starting point. lukehardy62 (at) hotmail.com

Michael Kennedy, April 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Argus has served up a whole new perspective on how I feel about Close Protection; it was a good course. As a team we managed to get all of the work completed to a good standard. The training team is approachable, have years of experience and are always there to give direction if required. Please with my time with Argus Europe. kennyguns (at) hotmail.com

Adam Nesfield, April 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

The course was excellent throughout, well worth doing. adamnes (at) gmail.com

Nicholas Scott, April 2016, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(i)

A very good course, excellent instruction, highly recommended.

Julian Moses, December 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)

Excellent course, well run. Accommodation more than adequate. Came away feeling confident and looking to apply new skills. julmoses1974 (at) gmail.com

Natasha McCabe, December 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
As someone with no Police or Military service I was nervous to enter such a highly reputable TP, however the minute I arrived help was readily available. Now that I am qualified I know that I can still turn to Argus for on-going support! natalia.ann05 (at) gmail.com

Peter Fraser, November 2015, Surveillance & PI
An excellent course with a very high level of professionalism and expertise from the instructional staff. peterf1291 (at) gmail.com

Devon Clarke, November 2015, Surveillance & PI
First class course, first class tuition, first class practicals and first class instructors! qdevonclarkee (at) gmail.com

Lee McDonald, September 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI FPOS(I)
Very good value for money! I did not think that I would be interested in the PI and surveillance stuff but very much worthwhile! lee_mcDonald (at) hotmail.com

Bev, September 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Highly recommend Argus for the practical approach to learning – no unnecessary PowerPoint!

Si Heathershaw, August 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI FPOS(I)
Excellent course, very enjoyable with a massive but achievable learning curve. simonheathershaw (at) live.com

Steve Heaney MC, August 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Extremely enjoyable course delivered by consummate professionals who clearly have a great deal to offer the industry. Highly recommended. heaneysteve (at) hotmail.com

Daz Lewis, July 2015, Surveillance & PI
Very happy with the course contents and instruction. dazlewis (at) aol.com

Conrad price, May 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Truly outstanding and recommended course. caters for all levels of experience perfectly. conradprice (at) hotmailcom

Bruce King, May 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI
Great course, knowledgeable instructors, well recommended to me, would recommend to others. kingbruce (at) gmail.com

Richard Clark, April 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Whilst critically cynical of the need to undergo such a course I strongly believe that this course will direct the way I move forward in the security industry. The course focuses more on the very necessary CP + surveillance skills, the added value comes from the in-depth knowledge and experience of those who instruct.richard.clark984 (at) mail.com

Andrew Ford, April 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The course is a real eye opener to surveillance and close protection. If you are leaving the military and have ELCAS then this course is a no brainer. Great course, excellent, friendly instructors who help in anyway that they can. andrewford2534 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Aliza Harris, April 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like courses to be fast paced and exciting then this is the course. I now feel confident to take on a role on the circuit. Thanks Argus! alizamac69 (at) gmail.com

Emma Duce, February 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Very intense course but gets you thinking all of the time. Brilliant, thanks guys! emma.duce406 (at) hotmail.com

Robert Brough, February 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Thoroughly enjoyed the course! broughy75 (at) gmail.com

Mark Pudsey, December 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
I was recommended the Argus course by a friend. It has lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations. Very good instructors and excellent post course support. marky000 (at) sky.com

Mark Hawtin, December 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excellent value for money. Instructors with a vast amount of practical experience who know how to deliver skills and training. No b/s, no bluff – just quality. This course was recommended to me from 3 colleagues and I will also be passing that on to my own colleagues looking to at the private security circuit. markohawtin (at) gmail.com

Joel Bridson, December 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Thanks for the course guys, really enjoyable. joelbridson (at) hotmail.com

Garry Peebles, December 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excellent course – service leavers, this is a must! garrypeebles24 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Steven Jones, November 2014, Surveillance
A well run course with excellent subject knowledge by the instructors. steven.wyn.jones (at) hotmail.co.uk

Dave Buchan, November 2014, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
The course was conducted to very high standards. The experience and knowledge of the instructors was superb. davidbuchan88 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Dale McKenzie, November 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The course came highly recommended and having completed the course I can vouch for this. This is without doubt the course to do if you aspire to progress in the CP and Surveillance world. dm9915 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Matthew Herriot, November 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The course was recommended to me and I would defiantly recommended the course to others. matt7528 (at) gmail.com

Danielle Parker, November 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Fantastic course, highly recommended. Post course support is great! dannip87 (at) gmail.com

Tony Hammond, November 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The course detail and depth of real world knowledge could not be easily surpassed. The exercises are fast paced and realistic. hammy966 (at) hotmail.com

Paul Minter, October 2014, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
This course was strongly recommended by some good friends; it did not disappoint! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout. paulminter68 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Iain Dawson, October 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
This is the best course that I have done since leaving the Royal Marines. Training and instruction second to none. Friendly and approachable throughout the whole course. stirling23 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Ronnie Scott, October 2014, CP, Surveillance, PI
After 24 years military service – this is the best course that I have done! ronnie.scott8 (at) btinternet.com

Neil Brady, October 2014, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
I thought that the whole course was fantastic. There is a steep learning curve but it is manageable. bradyneil (at) outlook.com

Gary Ramsey, October 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
An excellent course. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Argus Europe and feel that all of the lessons learned during the course will be invaluable to me. garyramsey158 (at) googlemmil.com

Mike Jeffrey, September 2014, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Soon to be ex Royal Navy. If you are looking for to start a career in Private Investigations, Surveillance or Close Protection then take a loo at these guys! Please feel free to e-mail me! michael.jeffrey (at) vmx.com

Derek Roberts, September 2014, Surveillance
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I am confident I have learned enough to be able to start work immediately. Well done to the instructors. OUTSTANDING! cofi22 (at) hotmail.com

Phil Brandon, September 2014, Surveillance
A wonderful course with experience gained from attending. Great syllabus. Thanks to all. phil10532 (at) yahoo.co.uk

MatthewGarnet, September 2014, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Excellent course, enjoyable and intense! Would highly recommend Argus to anyone looking to get in to the industry. matthewgarnett93 (at) gmail.com

Andrew Rose, September 2014, CP, FPOS(I)
Very educational. Not just a course! Well delivered, great tutors. This course is not about bums on seats and here is your badge…it is serious! Really enjoyed the experience. andrew.rose1 (at) live.co.uk

Simon Perrott, August 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Very good course with excellent phases and resources. joerifles.sp (at) gmail.com

Phillipson Peltier, August 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Very good course, excellent training package. All instructors are second to none. A great company with detailed information. Happy to recommend them. peltier1977 (at) hotmail.com

Colin Kelly, August 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
By far one of the best courses that I have attended to date. The amount of experience the instructors brought to the table was excellent. Lots of practical exercises were conducted, they were made interesting, fun and challenging. ckellyrm (at) gmail.com

Martin Patterson, June 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excelelnt course, first rate, excellent DS. mpatterson464 9at) hotmail.co.uk

Brendon Platt, June 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
An excellent and well present course. The instructors are of the highest quality; their experience is passed on during the course. Highly recommended.  brendonplatt (at) hotmail.com

Dave Westwood, February 2014, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. We were tested across all areas of CP and surveillance. Instructor knowledge was outstanding. A very informative course. dlwestwood (at) hotmail.co.uk

David Nash, February 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The course was excellent, I learned a lot in a short space of time. dave.nash01 (at) hotmail.com

Dan Smith, February 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Course instructors knowledge and experience is vast, tuition given at a reasonable speed. A very enjoyable course, came away with a vast amount of knowledge of the industry. dlksmith1892 (at) hotmail.com

Andy Dalton, February 2014, CP, Surveillance, Private Investigations
Very enjoyable course with knowledgeable instructors who know the industry inside out. This course really brings the students together as a team. andydalton7481 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Luke Tinkler, February 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Great course, great team, very enjoyable! luketinkler (at) gmail.com

Paul Grahame, January 2014, CP, Surveillance, Private Investigations
The course has been fully enjoyable and fun at the same time. Lots of practical training. bommer3007(at) hotmail.com

Chris Murray, January 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excellent course run by professionals who really know what they are talking about. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a career in the commercial security circuit. murray.88 (at) live.vo.uk

Zanna Bateman, January 2014, CP, Surveillance, Private Investigations
Absolutely brilliant course – I will be recommending this to others. zbateman (at) hotmail.co.uk

Paul Nayman, January 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Testing course, well put together. Instructors subject knowledge is awesome. Really enjoyed the experience.paulnayman1985 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Maurice Mann, January 2014, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excellent course, just wish I had done it sooner! maurice1982 (at) outlook.com

Major Frank O’Kane, January 2014, CP, Surveillance, Private Investigations
Excellent, practical course with effective use of scenarios. frank4416 (at) gmail.com

Tony Warhol, December 2013, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
A very enjoyable and friendly course run by professional and experienced people. Their subject matter knowledge was excellent and the way it was put together with a mix of classroom and practical exercises made it a great learning experience. tonywinchwenjack (at) yahoo.co.uk

Amy Tattersall, December 2013, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
This has been a thoroughly enjoyable course, the balance between classroom and practical training was perfect for me and this environment. The instructors knowledge and experience in all subjects is extensive and is put across well. I would highly recommend this course to all students looking to move in to this sector.amy.tattersall652 (at) gmail.com

Rich Fussell, December 2013, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
So far the best course that I have done. It is a must do course! fussell-richard (at) yahoo.co.uk

Oli Faulkner, December 2013, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Hard work, a team effort required….give your all and you will pass! faulkner2011 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Jim McIntosh, December 2013, CP, Surveillance, Private Investigations
Valuable and realistic course for anyone who wished to pursue a career in the Surveillance and CP industry. An excellent course to have on your CV! jimandkai21 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Gary Teevan, December 2013, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The surveillance phase is the best course that I have ever done including 24 years service! gazteevan01 (at) hotmail.com

Captain Andrew McFarlane, September 2013, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excellent practical course, massive amount of time spent on the ground practising the skills and drills required. Instructors are professional and approachable. drewmac66 (at) gmail.com

George Grimes, September 2013, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
I highly recommend the Argus course. The high level of practical exercises and analytical criticism was wholly beneficial!

Michael Embling, September 2013, Ex Fusilier, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
I found the course highly productive and extremely well presented. Subject matter experts with vast amounts of experience make the subject so much easier to understand. Recommended to anyone looking to gain these qualifications. michael_e123 (at) hotmail.co.uk

James Hannah, September 2013, MSO, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Overall an excellent learning experience for myself, run by professional instructors. Would recommend to anyone. jameshannah_1966 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Finn Beary, September 2013, Service Leaver, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Invaluable training by experienced instructors. A high intensity course which challenges you on a daily basis. This was a real eye opener, the course develops you and puts you ahead of the game. finnbeary (at) hotmail.co.uk

Mac McGearey, August 2013, Consultant, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Fantastic experience. Setup well, practically managed, post course support is evident….others should take note! mac (at) ciarahighrisk.com 

Mark Wardle, August 2013, BRF, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The course was excellent from start to finish. mark.wardle443 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Ian Wilson, August 2013, Mercians, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excellent course run  by Argus Europe; thoroughly enjoyed it! High standard of instructors, highly recommend the course to all. wilson974 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Nev Waite, August 2013, Household Cav, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
The course was fantastic – the delivery was outstanding. nevwaite (at) hotmail.com

Michael Grayson, August 2013, HE Operator, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Brilliant course, would recommend to anyone interested in doing CP. Lots of practical work involved. brilliant.mfgrayson (at) btinternet.com

Robert Moffat, July 2013, HE Operator, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
After spending 24 years in the military this was by far the best course that I have been on! I would recommend it to anyone looking to complete a CP course. rabcsemtex (at) hotmail.co.uk

Gareth Jackson, July 2013, Private Detective, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
I have been involved in surveillance for a number of years now. I run an established company and wanted to get my CP Licence to add to my skill set and for future business. I learned a lot about surveillance that I did not know. A really enjoyable and hard working course! gareth (at) owlpi.com

Ed Milsom, July 2013, HE Operator, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
An extremely worthwhile course. A lot to take in an no-one will hold your hand. If you have any known weak areas then work on them before you arrive! A really good course and money well spent! edwardmilsom (at) hotmail.co.uk

George Lilley, July 2013, Ex military, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
As an ex-serviceman I recommend that you attend this course; it was faultless. The way that it was out together and instructed was at the highest levels. The instructors are at the top of their game. I feel that I have now given myself a solid platform to begin my new career. georgelilly5068 (at) btinternet.com

Robert McHenry, June 2013, Ex Military, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
A great course ran over 3 weeks. at times really intense but also very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend the course to other people. Realistic, what it says on the tin! robert.mchenry (at) btinternet.com

Carl Nevet, June 2013, Ex Military Dog Handler, CP, Surveillance
Excellent course, recommended to anyone, the team catered for my PTSD supporting me throughout.carl.nevet (at) hotmail.co.uk

Simon Cope, June 2013, Ex Military, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
A first rate course, excellent instruction, excellent support network and aftercare information. cplbear2503 (at) hotmail.com

Dusty Miller, June 2013, Ex Royal Marines, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
An excellent course and great value for money that sticks to the realities of the business. The course is based on the experiences of the instructors rather than made up scenarios. andie095miller (at) yahoo.co.uk

James Merrylees, May 2013, Ex Mil, CP, FPOS(I), Surveillance
If you are looking for a top class, hands on course where instructors teach from experience and not by reading from PowerPoint the Argus Europe is it! jwd.merryless (at) hotmail.co.uk

Jamie O’Brien, May 2013, Ex Royal Marines, CP, FPOS(I), Surveillance
Very enjoyable course, very well run, highly recommended. jamieobrien666 (at) gmail.com

Andy Collier, May 2013, Ex Military, CP, FPOS(I), Surveillance
Highly affective and knowledgeable instructors which opened my eyes to the security industry. andy.collier (at) hotmail.co.uk

Victor Rose, May 2013, RAF Regiment, CP, FPOS(I), Surveillance
This was one course that I have done in the last few years that made me feel like I had to use my brain again. Most courses make you feel like you are attending….THIS WAS NOT! vicrose61 (at) hotmail.com

Shep Shepherd, April 2013, Royal Marine Corps RSM, ALL Courses
A professional no nonsense course run by excellent instructors. Highly recommended, especially to service leavers.

Leon Doyle, April 2013, 47/3, CP, Surv, FPOS(I)
I was made aware of Argus Europe by former colleagues. Very glad that I attended this course as the level of instruction was excellent. People with vast experience and still active on the  circuit. leondoyle473 (at) hotmail.com

Oz Oram, April 2013, HE Operator, CP, Surv, FPOS(I)
A massive learning curve made enjoyable by the instructors wealth of knowledge and experience. oz19 (at) me.com

Jess Vicary, April 2013, Security Professional, CP, PI, FPOS(I)
An amazing course delivered by brilliant guys who really made learning fun yet informative! jessv3112 (at) gmail.com

Kirsty Evans, April 2013, Security Professional, CP, PI, Surv, FPOS(I)
Amazing course! Brilliant knowledge delivered across all subjects. Nice to known that even upon completion of the course you are not left on your own. kirsty.evans867 (at) gmail.com

Mike McGaun, March 2013, LE Officer, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
The course was very professional and put across in a manner which makes it easy to understand. The subject matter knowledge of the instructors is second to none and they all have a wicked sense of humour!mike.mcgaun1978 (at) gmail.com

Anthony Chase, March 2013, Royal Navy, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Brilliant course content, much more than I was expecting. Very practical course re-enforcing all of the theory. Knowledgeable instructors. Highly recommended! anthonychase (at) live.com

Stephen Niescor, March 2013, WOII, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Great course, really enjoyed being exposed to new skills in a testing environment. Realistic, practically orientated and excellent value for money.

Daniel Forrest, March 2013, Current HE Operator, CP, FPOS(I)
This is one of the best courses I have ever done! The instructors knowledge is second to none. I would advise you to do this course, you will not be disappointed! dcsforrest (at) hotmail.co.uk

Craig Hay MC PARA, February 2013, Paramedic, CP, Surveillance
Hard work, fast paced, realistic! cvjhay (at) aol.com

Rob Faulkner, February 2013, Ex Royal Marine, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Fully enjoyable, testing grown up course run by professionals. Would recommend to anyone seeking a CP course for quality and value for money. robertmfaulkner (at) live.co.uk

Dave Leen, February 2013, Light Division, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
After leaving completing this course I have moved my skills on considerably. no1leen (at) hotmail.co.uk

Leigh Wombwell, February 2013, Submariner, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
An excellent and intensive course. Highly recommend but be prepare for a challenge! leighwombwell (at) hotmail.co.uk 

Steve Halliwell, January 2013, Royal Signals, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Excellent course, well laid out and well taught. I will be coming back to Argus for additional courses as part of my continual professional development. steve_halliwell (at) hotmail.co.uk

Graham Young, January 2013, CP/Marsec Operator, CP, FPSO(I)
Excellent course, very comprehensive – highly recommended and excellent value for money.  gjyoung1211 (at) gmail.com

Dale Harrison, January 2013, Former Police Officer, CP, Surveillance
Thoroughly enjoyed the course – fantastic value for money! daleharrison (at) sky.com

Chris Wright, January 2013, Ex Para Regt, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
A very friendly and helpful learning environment. Instruction from highly experienced staff – second to none. I would recommend this course! chriswright (at) hotmail.co.uk

Ryan Marshal, November 2012, Ex Fusiliers, CP, Surveillance, FPOS
This course was a big eye opener for me, I had booked to attend another course but very glad that I changed. Highly recommended. rmarshall5728 (at) yahoo.com

Daniel Bartholomew, November 2012, Light Dragoons, CP, Surveillance, FPOS
Outstanding course. The instructors subject matter knowledge and delivery was second to none. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to start a career in the close protection industry.dannybart_54 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Chris Maunder, November 2012, Ex Met Police, CP, Surveillance, FPOS
An excellent course with nothing but relevant learning. The instructors make the course informative and enjoyable. chrismaundor (at) email2me.net

Craig Mountford, November 2012, 3 Para, CP, Surveillance, PI
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. came with an open mind that was very quickly filled with relevant information. Instructor knowledge 2nd to none. mountford44 (at) aol.com  

Levi Van Thiel, October 2012, Dutch Royal Marines, BTEC Level 3 MSOC
Perfect welcome, picked up at the airport and hotel reservation in place! The course provided much more information and practical experiences than I expected. Instructors credibility is high due to their on-going operational experience within the industry. l.q.s.vanthiel (at) gmail.com

Billy Hutchinson, October 2012, BTEC Level 3 MSOC
From day 1 to day 7 the course has been a joy to be on; the instruction was fantastic! The course is very intense, there is much to take in but it was delivered in a way that made it easy to understand. I hope to train again with these guys! bhtracker (at) sky.com

Phil Pallister, October 2012, BTEC Level 3 MSOC
The knowledge that I gained from this course was vast. The instructors were, friendly, approachable and happy to pass on as much knowledge as they could during the course. philpallister72 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Richard Adams, October 2012, The Rifles, SSO
I was not sure what to expect with regards to the SSO course as I have limited knowledge of maritime security. The instructors were fantastic, they all posses a massive amount of maritime knowledge and are able to back this up with recent maritime experience. The teaching facilities were brilliant, the learning environment was relaxed – by the time the exam came I was totally confident in what I was doing. All in all a fantastic experience and I will be coming back for the STCW and the BTEC Level 3 MSOC! richardadams.cpo (at) hotmail.com

Luke Wilson, October 2012, Ex Royal Marine, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
A nice welcome from the Argus team upon arrival and then straight in to the FPSO(I) which was excellent. The surveillance phase really opened my eyes and is definitely an option for the future. The CP phase was challenging! Many thanks guys. lukewilson1981 (at) hotmail.com

Steve Brown, October 2012, Ex RMP, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Instructors second to none! Brian and his team really challenge you, especially during the practical scenarios. A thoroughly enjoyable course with a real sense of achievement! stevebrown195 (at) hotmail.com 

Chris Havenhand, October 2012, RAF Regiment, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Excellent course, very fulfilling, very practical in the delivery. Recommended to anyone wishing to undertake CP training. chris.i.havenhand (at) gmail.com

Nick Maunder, October 2012, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
Had a great time on this course, met some great lads and have a much better understanding of the industry now. Highly recommend this course! nickmaunder (at) hotmail.co.uk

Rob Peel, September 2012, Ex Royal Marine, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Argus Europe is a well run course with massive practical elements. The instructors are very experienced in their field. Happily recommend this course. robertpeel45 (at) gmail.com

Mark Fogerty, September 2012, 3 Para, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
A well structured course with well explained lessons. All the instructors know their stuff and if you need extra help then you get it. I have learned a lot in 3 weeks. m.fogerty (at) hotmail.co.uk

Luke Armour, August 2012, Ex Para, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
Very enjoyable, definitely worth doing. Highly recommended, learnt many invaluable lessons. luke_armour (at) hotmail.com

Leigh Evans, August 2012, Welsh Guards, CP, Surveillance
Great course, all aspects of the course were challenging – would highly recommend. leighevs (at) gmail.com

Rich Lamont, August 2012, Ex Para, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
If you are looking for a quality training provider that offers respected, demanding courses then Argus Europe is an excellent choice. rich.lamont (at) silverkrieg.com

Mick Hogg, August 2012, Former Prison Service, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
I have no military background at all but do not feel that one is required to train or operate within this environment. You do need the correct mentality to succeed. mickhogg.mhss (at) gmail.com  

Iain Bloomfield, August 2012, Ex 1 Para, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
This course is a must! Great instruction, steep learning curve but well paced. iain.bloomfield1 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Barry Campbell, July 2012, Royal Marines, CP, Surveillance
The strengths of this course are the experience & subject matter knowledge.  A large portion of the course is practical ‘on the ground training’ which is both demanding and enjoyable. bazzcampbell (at) hotmail.com

Anke Becker, July 2012, CP, Surveillance, PI
This course has surpassed all of my expectations. It was a challenge from the start but the instructors were ready to assist at every step of the way. I learnt something every day and I am leaving with new skill sets and the ambition to improve upon them. HIGHLY recommended! ankebee15 (at) yahoo.com

Joel Harvey, July 2012, CP, Surveillance, PI
Excellent, practical course with superb knowledge passed on from the instructors. joelharvey99 (at) hotmail.com

Dan Walker, July 2012, Royal Marines, CP, Surveillance, PI
Excellent course, 3rd party awareness, surveillance and CP skills have been improved massively! Great knowledge from instructors who tech practical, real world scenarios. No death by PowerPoint here!danjwalker1 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Adrian Warrender, June 2012, Royal Marines, CP & Surveillance
I would fully condone attending this course! The instructors knowledge and enthusiasm to teach was of a great benefit to the course. There is a huge amount of time spent on the ground. adeywarrender (at) yahoo.co.uk

Shuan Robb, June 2012, 3 Para, Cp, Surveillance
The course is run with subject matter experts with a wealth of knowledge. Much of the course is practical which will suit most military personnel. DS put across reality rather than fantasy backed up with situations and scenarios from their years in the industry. shaun_robb71 (at) hotmail.co.uk    

Tyrone Hall, June 2012, RLC, CP, Surveillance, PI
An outstanding course, very positive attitude by the DS. A wealth of knowledge! tyronehall68 (at) hotmail.co.uk 

Steve Wardobe, June 2012, 2 Para, CP, Surveillance, PI
A very well instructed course with a great deal of time spent carrying out practical elements. Great instruction with experienced DS. Realistic tasks provided a great inside to the industry. s.d.wardrobe (at) hotmail.co.uk

Phil Briggs, June 2012, 3 Para, CP, Surveillance
An excellent course with time spent covering many aspects of the industry. In depth knowledge from experts in their field with the experience to back up what they teach! briggsphilip99 (at) yahoo.com

Lewis Frisby, June 2012, Royal Marines, CP, Surveillance, PI
Great subject knowledge with experienced instructors. Approachable throughout and a pleasure to work with! lfrisby (at) hotmail.co.uk 

Lee Parker, May 2012, 3 Para, CP & Surveillance
The perfect blend of subject knowledge, practical experience and humour! leeparker381 (at) gmail.com

Paul Rice, May 2012, CP & Surveillance
A very well run course with competent instructors whose subject knowledge was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wishing to get on the circuit. ricey37 (at) hotamil.com

John Rowell, May 2012, 3 Para, CP, Surveillance
A very well instructed and delivered course. I am pleased with the level of training that I have received.johnrowell36 (at) yahoo.com

Richard Adams, May 2012, The Rifles, CP, Surveillance
Absolutely amazing course. No faults with any of the instructors at all. An extremely practical course with no boring time filling sessions. Would recommend this course to anyone looking to get on to the CP and Surveillance circuit. richie6721 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Den Champ, May 2012, Royal Marines, CP, Surveillance, PI
An outstanding course from beginning to end. No stocking fillers which is refreshing. Brain’s stories are worth the course fee alone without the excellent training that you receive! den_champ6 (at) hotmail.com

Wayne Turnbul, May 2012, 47/3 Battery, CP, Surveillance
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have learned a lot of practical knowledge that i will use when operating in the surveillance and close protection world. lateohorseman (at) gmail.com

Mark McMillan, May 2012, FPOS (I)
“The knowledge of the instructors was valuable in helping me improve my own skills. Thank you.”

Andrew Goulding, May 2012, HE Operator, FPOS (I)
“The instructors were very enthusiastic and covered all subjects with examples of real life scenarios.”andy_goulding (at) hotmail.co.uk

K Skeldon, May 2012, FPOS(I)
“Staff were very helpful, informative and approachable”. kendo813 (at) man.com

Stephane Nakache, April 2012, South African Military, CP, Surveillance, PI
“I have left 100% more confident. I thank you for the knowledge, patience and good vibes from all instructors and course assistants.” hunshazeshonen (at) googlemail.com

Andrew jackson, April 2012, CP, Surveillance, PI
“Best course I have been on by far! Would recommend to anyone who is interested in this line of work. Very well conducted, lots of practical scenarios.” andrewjackson39 (at) gmail.com

Jason Fielding, April 2012, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
“I have attended many courses in the Military, Police and Government Service. I found the CP/Surveillance course to be of the most practical and beneficial course I have attended.”

Elliot Chilingirian, April 2012, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
“I am not from a military background so thought that I may be at a disadvantage in some aspects but this was not the case at all. The instructors keep you interested throughout the course, even the PowerPoint presentations (not my preferred way for me to learn) kept me focussed on the subject.” ec_training (at) hotmail.com

Lee Allison, April 2012, Royal Marine, Cp, Surveillance, FPOS (I)
“Great course, learnt a lot. Instructor knowledge and experience is excellent. Highly recommended to anyone.” leeallo2006 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Lee Pritchard, April 2012, 2 Para, CP, Surveillance, FPOS (I)
“Very informative course and a professional team. A joy to be taught by Argus – would recommend to anyone interested in this sort of work.” taff3164 (at) hotmail.com

Luis Moreira, April 2012, FPOS(I)
“The FPOS(I) is fast becoming the mandatory course for all CPOs – this is the place to take your training!”008moreira (at) gmail.com

William Holden, March 2012, FPOS(I)
“Excellent tutors, well presented, enjoyable, interesting – I learned a lot!” willholdenl (at) hotmail.com

Shane Pullen, March 2012, SNCO Welsh Guards, Cp, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)
“I would recommend this course to anyone that is thinking of a career in surveillance and/or Close protection. The amount of time spent on the ground is huge! The instructional capabilities are of the highest standard.” shane.pullen (at) sky.com

Alex Williams, March 2012, ex 7 RHA, Cp, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
“Very good course, knowledge on all subject matters was excellent, opened up my eyes to other areas other than hostile CP work.”  alex4059 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Andy Kohut, March 2012, Royal Artillery, Cp, Surveillance, FPOS(I)
“The course content and the delivery was first class. Friendly and highly experienced instructors throughout made for an enjoyable and worthwhile 3 weeks. Highly recommended.”

Colin Hughes, March 2012, 47 Air Dispatch, Cp, Surveillance, FPOS (I)
“Great course, great instructors. No nonsense, lots of hands on. Highly recommended.” yozza47 (at) aol.com

Kevin Askey, March 2012, 3 Para, Cp, Surveillance, FPOS (I)
“An excellent course pitched at the highest level, lost learned in a small amount of time. Lots of knowledge gained from the instructors. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to do a CP or surveillance course.” kevinaskey (at) mail.com

Russell Bartley, February 2012, Welsh Guards, Cp, Surveillance, PI, FPOS (I)
“Really enjoyed the course which provides a great insight in to the Close Protection and Surveillance World. Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue a career in this industry.” jasonbartley1 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Steven Giroux, February 2012, Royal Signal, Cp, Surveillance, PI, FPOS (I)
“Fantastic course, would recommend it to anyone wanting a career in this industry. Instructors are professional and extremely knowledgeable. I am looking forward to putting it all in to practice.” stevegiroux4317 (at) googlemail.com

Dominic Tomlinson, February 2012, Royal Marines, CP, Surveillance, PI
“Truly enjoyable course, taught by instructors with real on the ground knowledge. Learnt a lot, very well taught.” domtom-383 (at) hotmail.com

Scott Bate, February 2012, Royal Marines, CP, Surveillance, PI & FPOS (I)
“From the very start with Nog & Wayne right the way through the course everyone we encountered had a massive impact on our training and masses of subject matter knowledge and experiences from which to draw from; real experiences!”

Aaron Marsh, February 2012, Welsh Guards, Cp, Surveillance, PI & FPOS (I)
“Without wanting to sound like a kiss ass, i thought the course was excellent, the best course that I have been on. I learnt a hell of a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself.” azjmarsh (at) talk talk.net

Vince Stott, February 2012, Cp, Surveillance, FPOS (I)
“There was a lot to take out of the last 3 weeks. The instruction from Brian & Nick was outstanding. I would recommend this course to anyone!” vincentstott (at) hotmail.co.uk

Darren Bowker-Praed, February 2012, FPOS(I), Surveillance, PI
“The courses were hugely enjoyable; I left having had a rewarding experience. Whether you are coming from a military background, have previous security sector experience or not, EVERYONE, no matter their background or experience has something to gain from these courses.” darrenbp (at) me.com

Terry Jones, January 2012, CP, Surveillance, PI
“Very enjoyable course, learned a lot and delivered well. No nonsense training, all hands on stuff.” tez07 (at) hotmail.com

Stephen Hurst, January 2012, CP, Surveillance
“Outstanding course, very well laid out with subject matter expert instructors.” steveh2566 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Danny Atkinson, January 2012, CP, Surveillance
“Excellent ran course, expert DS. A lot to take on over the 3 weeks but taught in an excellent format. Thoroughly enjoyed.” dannya95 (at) live.co.uk

Chris Hatton, January 2012, FPOS (I)
“This course was enjoyable and very beneficial. The instructors had a vast array of knowledge and made studying 1st Aid enjoyable.” chrishatton968 (at) hotmail.com

Terry Jones, January 2012, FPOS (I)
“A real no nonsense course delivered extremely well. I will recommend this to the rest of my staff.” tez071 (at) hotmail.com

Sarah Tough, January 2012, FPOS (I)
“Absolutely unreal, enjoyed every second, has to be one of the best instructors out there if not the best. Thanks!!!”tough_sarah (at) hotmail.co.uk

Henrik Grip, December 2011, CP, Surveillance, PI
“An excellent course. For me as an overseas student with English as my second language i was well taken care of by the instructors and also the other students. HIGHLY recommend the courses.” henrik.grip (at) gmail.com

Dale Gordon, December 2011, CP, Surveillance, PI
“Thoroughly enjoyed my course with Argus Europe, money very, very well spent.” dale-gordon (at) hotmail.com

Andy Lanaghan, December 2011, 3 Para, CP, Surveillance, PI
“A good challenging course, learnt a lot about all subjects.” lancers_3207 (at) hotmail.com

Mark Singer, December 2011, Royal Marine, CP, Surveillance , PI
“Excellent hands on – you are taken out of your comfort zone at times. Backed up with excellent subject knowledge.”

Sean Paine, December 2011, CP, Surveillance, PI
“Having left the UK Military some 8 months ago it was great to be back working with guys with a similar background. Great banter, instructor knowledge is great and lots of hands on.” seanpaine (at) hotmail.co.uk

Andrew Murley, December 2011 FPOS (I)
“Good effective course, teaches what you need to know with no b/s. Highly recommended.” drew (at) drewmurley.com

Martin Melrose, December 2011 FPOS (I)
“I would thoroughly recommend this course to any of my colleagues.”

R Rotchford, December 2011 FPOS (I)
“A very informative course in a relaxed atmosphere throughout!” rocky8288 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Paul Gordon, December 2011 FPOS (I)
“An excellent course! Relaxed & pitched at a level that everyone could understand and relate to.” airborneflash (at) hotmail.co.uk

Rob Proctor (November 2011) CP, Surveillance, PI & FPOS (I)
“Excellent course, fast paced and intense, lessons learnt very quickly. Good class size and instructor knowledge/experience very relevant.” robproc645 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Russell Billington (November 2011) FPOS (I)
“A very friendly and approachable team that are willing to repeat in areas which I did not fully understand. Fantastic instructor capabilities.” bill_73 (at) hotmail.com

Stewart Pollock (November 2011) FPOS (I)
“Brilliant course, plenty of hands on, lots of interaction.” stewymfc (at) hotmail.com

Dave Brodrick (November 2011) CP, Surveillance, PI & FPOS (I)
“Excellent course with a huge amount of practical work involved. A heavy workload at times, however this was very rewarding. Surveillance phase is outstanding and exciting!” davebrods546 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Paul “Woody” Woodley, Grenadier Guards (October 2011) CP & Surveillance
“A few of my work colleagues have completed other CP Courses however the feedback i got back from them before booking a CP cse was that they where there just to make up the numbers and alot of the cse was classroom based (depth by powerpoint). I was informed about this cse by someone who has been CPO for the last 8 years. With the Argus Europe course you get instructors that treat you and teach you like you are an adult, with excellent knowledge of all subjects.” paul_john_woodley (at) hotmail.com

Steve Wilkins, Royal Marines Commando (October 2011) CP, Surveillance, PI
“Anyone thinking about a career in the CP/Surveillance industry cannot go far wrong with this course. An intense but enjoyable 3 weeks and as the saying goes, you get out what you put in!” jorjitoon (at) yahoo.co.uk

Ross Dewhurst, 3 Para (October 2011) CP, Surveillance, PI
“Excellent course, will recommend to all Para Reg wishing to do their resettlement.” rossdewhurst (at) hotmail.co.uk

Francis Callaway, Infantry Soldier (October 2011) CP
“Instructors knowledge was very good, course content was very, very good. I would recommend this course to others and I already have done from previously having completed the surveillance course.” franciscallaway (at) btinternet.com

Gavin Jones, SNO Welsh Guards (September 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“By far the most interesting and satisfying course I have done in 14 years in the army. High tempo, yet rewarding with immense satisfaction.” whitehawk114 (at) hotmail.com

Paul Biddiss, 3 Para (September 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“I would highly recommend this course as the 1st stop in breaking in to the Close Protection industry . The approach is one of a high pace yet straight forward, teaching the right skills needed to advance in this industry.” pbiddis (at) aol.com

Dave Salmon, 3 Para (September 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“The vast knowledge and experiences of the instructors is paramount to the the success of the course. Recommended to anyone.2 davesalmon2011 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Lewis Barlow, 2 Para (september 2011) CP & Surveillance
“Very enjoyable course, second to none. Content and knowledge provided was excellent. I have learned a huge amount and feel confident about going forward in my new career. I had a few worries being the most junior guy on the course but this did not hinder me at all. A steep learning curve but it was manageable. Highly recommend this course!” badger.barlow (at) hotmail.co.uk

Andrew Ralph, SNO Welsh Guards (September 2001) CP, Surveillance & PI
“Course detail was outstanding! The surveillance phase was a real eye opener.” andy-ralph(at) hotmail.co.uk

Mark Thompson, WOII RA (August 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“If you want a hands on course, this is the one!” mark (at) lateosurveillance.co.uk

Steve Brown, Former Air Dispatch (August 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“Fantastic course, can’t fault it in anyway. Instructors were spot on in all aspects – I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to pursue a career in CP or Surveillance.” browstev3 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Phil Banks, Security Professional (August 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“Brilliant course, tough and intense but enjoyable. great content with quality instruction. Being from a none military background I wasn’t sure that I would be able to carry out what was asked but surprised myself. Excellent practical content.” phil-684 (at) hotmail.com

Phil Mcdonald, Royal Marine Commando (August 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“Very good course, thorough & enjoyable. DS subject knowledge is outstanding, highly recommended.”

Hugh Keir, 3 Para (June 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“The immense effort and enthusiasm of the instructors combined with their subject knowledge in all areas made this a challenging but equally enjoyable course. I feel as prepared as I can be for my next step in to the Close Protection industry.”

Paul Furlong, Welsh Guards (June 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“The Argus Course was exceptional. the knowledge and experience of the instructors was second to none. This course is not about classroom learning but practical exercises. You will gain valuable experience in a variety of scenarios. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” p.furlong (at) hotmail.co.uk

James Martin, Welsh Gaurds (June 2011) CP, Surveillance, PI
“From day 1 I was confident that the instructors knew what they were doing, this was further proven throughout the course. They were willing to help at all times, even over a beer after hours which made for a great atmosphere.” jamesmartin (at) live.co.uk

Matthew Davies, Welsh Guards (May 2011) CP & Surveillance
“A lot of my mates have done some of the bigger named CP Courses but the feedback was that they felt like they were in a sausage factory. With Argus you get instructors that actually care about the job that they teach & the industry that they are in!” mj-davies (at) live.co.uk

Nick Howard, (May 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI
“The instructors were really excellent, it has been an excellent experience!” n.howard82 (at) yahoo.com

Darren Bradford, (April 2011) Surveillance Course
“Thank you Brian and Nick for a great course. I learnt more in this week than in the last 3 years during which time I have been carrying out surveillance/private investigations on a part-time basis. Living with the rest of the guys was good as you get to know each other.” comacchiopi (at) googlemail.com

Chris Brook, (May 2011) Surveillance Course
“An awesome course that I would recommend to anyone interested in doing surveillance.” cjbrook (at) hotmail.co.uk

Pat Collins, (April 2011) CP & Surveillance
“An excellent course which I thoroughly recommend to anyone who wished to take part in this industry. You will not get this experience anywhere else.” patrickcollins07 (at) gmail.com

Robert Uchendu, (April 2011) CP & Surveillance
“The course was excellent and was taught in a manner that helped us learn a lot. The instructors know their subject matter and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Close Protection.” robertuchendu (at) yahoo.co.uk

Oliver Maitland, (April 2011) CP & Surveillance Course
“I found this course absolutely outstanding and enjoyed every second!” info (at) oliverclean.co.uk

Jonathan Sissons, (March 2011) CP & Surveillance Course
“Excellent course. I have no military background and thought that In would struggle but with clear, informative instruction I was able to take all of the lessons onboard. Clear and informative.” jonathon.sissonss3 (at) yahoo.co.uk

Mark Evans, Ex Kings Regiment (March 2011) CP & Surveillance
“I was recommended this course by a friend and have not been disappointed. The course was comprehensive, easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable. I learned new skills from all modules.” m.evans6722 (at) live.co.uk

Gary Gibson, Ex 2 Scots (March 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI Course
“Good instruction from very experienced instructors that gave you the knowledge needed to operate as CPO. A thoroughly enjoyable course.” gibson1gary (at) aol.com

Calum McCready, WOI Brecon, 1 Scots (February 2011) CP, Surveillance & PI Course
“An excellent course with first class instruction. Anyone out there searching for a course provider need look no further.” calum894 (at) btinternet.com

Stuart Patey, ex 1 Para (February 2011) CP, Surveillance, PI Course
“Excellent course, very glad to have done my training here. Course content, subject matter and professionalism was second to none. Good instructors who are passionate about what is being taught. Would highly recommend the course to anyone.” stuart.patey (at) googlemail.com

Andrew Goulding (February 2011) CP, Surveillance, PI Course
“The course had the right balance of theory and practical. The course was made easier by the subject matter knowledge of the instructors.” andy-goulding (at) hotmail.co.uk

Reg Pierce, PT Corps (January 2011)
“This course has been considerably intense yet stimulating and provided me with the knowledge of becoming a professional and effective operator. I have been in the military for 14 years and this has been the best course I have done to date.” pierceregan (at) aol.com

Gareth Timmins, Ex Royal Marine (January 2011)
“Best 3 week training course I’ve ever attended. Totally unexpected, hard and intense but really enjoyable. Learning new skills every day!” gaztimmins (at) hotmail.co.uk

Kevin Stevens, Former UK Military (January 2011)
“A very well ran course, fantastic amount of knowledge passed on.” stevo7518 (at) hotmail.com

Kyle Carr (November 10) Mauy Tai Fighter
“The course was superb. Clear cut instruction that I could understand and learn from even though I have no military background.” kylecarr21 (at) yahoo.com

Simon Smith (November 10) Former Royal Green Jacket
“I came on to this course hoping to gain good knowledge of how to operate as a CPO, I leave with more than I could ever have expected. Excellent from start to finish.” ssmithsps (at) yahoo.co.uk

Jay Steed (November 10) Parachute Regiment
“This was my 2nd course in 3 years. I had very high expectations of the course which were more than reached throughout with excellent lessons. Course instructors were excellent and ironed out all hesitations that I may have had about entering the circuit.” steedpara (at) hotmail.com

Elizabeth Newbery (October 10) ex RMP

“This course has a very hands on approach to learning, it’s hard work but definitely the best way to learn. Great instructors and course content. I have come away feeling confident about my future in this field.” eanewbery (at) aol.co.uk

Rob McGill (October 10) ex HM Forces
“This course is highly recommended to people of all backgrounds. The instructor to student ratio is possibly the best available, allowing for high intensity learning in a short space of time.” robmcgill (at) talktalk.net

S Redford, (September 10)
“Very good and to the point – it is a very hands-on course with instructors who pass on all of their knowledge and are very professional and helpful. The strengths of the course was the knowledge passed down by the instructors and how it was presented. The course was really well conducted. I couldn’t see any weaknesses.” redress (at) hotmail.co.uk

Kerry Boardwell (September 10) WOII Royal Marines
“The strengths of the course was definately the subject knowledge of the instructors and the emphasis on the practical training. The exercises were conducted realistically. The course lived up to and exceeded my expectations. First class instruction, excellent subject knowledge with high emphasis on the important parts of surveillance and close protection, highly recommended.” kerryboardwell (at) yahoo.co.uk

Paul Grieves (September 10)
“One of the strengths of the course was the knowledge of all the course aspects that were instructed and taught. There were no weaknesses.Very thorough course, wealth of knowledge from both instructors. Instructions of course aspects taught very well. A definite course to do if wishing to pursue a career in surveillance or close protection.” jimmygrieves158 (at) hotmail.com

Mark Bailey, (August 10), RAF Regiment, Joint Surveillance & CP Course
“The instructors, were very knowledgeable and approachable. From my point of view it is the best course in the country. The course is hard but if you put the effort in it will leave you armed to join the CP world.” mf.pa (at) hotmail.co.uk

Ash McLagen, (August 10) ex 1 Para, Joint Surveillance & CP Course
“An excellent course that gives an abundance of practical skills and experience.” amclagen (at) hotmail.co.uk

Rachel Stojanovic, (July 10), ex UK Military, Surveillance Course May 2010
“Excellent course. My knowledge of surveillance and confidence has increased immensely. The instructors explanation and teaching techniques was excellent – no mucking about, just good training.” rachel.stojanovic (at) hotmail.co.uk

Rob Curran, (June 10), ex Royal Marine, Joint CP & Surveillance Course May 2010
“Excellent course throughout. Well run and chief instructors subject matter is unbelievable. I feel a wealth of experience and knowledge has been passed on.” rob.curran2001 (at) yahoo.co.uk

WOII Stephen Balchin, (May 2010), CP, Surveillance & PI, Paratrooper
“The course was excellent, very professional instructors. Very informative.” stephenbalchin112 (at) hotmail.com

Scott Ingram, (May 2010), CP, Surveillance, Ibiza Security.
“Brilliant course! Very steep learning curve, but if you want to progress and achieve in a Close Protection role then this course is a must! Knowledge and experience of instructors is excellent. A fantastic experience. Thanks guys!” scott3uk (at) yahoo.com

Graham Noon, (May 2010), CP, Surveillance & PI, Former Paratrooper
“This was a very enjoyable course. Everyone can learn from this type of training. It has a relaxed atmoshpere and constant help is on hand to explain any misunderstandings.” gwnoon (at) hotmail.com

Dave McColl, (April 2010), CP & Surveillance, UK Military
“First class instruction, thorough knowledge of all subject areas, perfect pace. Would recommend this course as a definite to anyone wishing to work in the CP field.” mc5225 (at) googlemail.com

Dean Swinscoe, (April 2010), CP & Surveillance, ex Royal Marines Commando
“Time spent on this course was worth every penny. Professionally run throughout with knowledgeable and experienced instructors.” swinbeen (at) yahoo.co.uk

Amanda Campbell, (Nov 09), CP & Surveillance, ex UK Military
“Two of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met. I had no idea what was really involved in the OPS side of CP. I’m grateful to them for teaching me what I needed to know. I believe that I can now go on to make a success of my career.” pink36 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Matt Adey, (Nov 09), Surveillance & Private Investigation, ex Para
“This course delivers a large amount of information in a short period of time in a practical format.” adey8629 (at) hotmail.com

Jamie Selby, (Nov 09), Surveillance & Private Investigation, PI
“I REALLY enjoyed this course & appreciated the advice and encouragement from the instructors when I found it challenging. Will be back for more!” jamie.selby (at) btinternet.com

Zaheer Boomgaard, (Oct 09), CP & Surveillance, part-time Police Officer
“I’m REALLY glad that I travelled from South Africa to do this course with guys that actually practice what they teach!” boomgaard (at) polka.co.za

Jim Ball, (Nov 09), Surveillance, ex UK Military
“EXCELLENT course with experienced, working instructors. Up to date equipment.” jthestella (at) msn.com

Martin Cartwright, (Sept 09), CP & Surveillance, ex RMP
“Excellent, well taught and owing to the intense practical approach, important lessons stuck VERY quickly. Well worth it.” mcartwright (at) precom.co.uk

Sean Naisbitt, (August 09), Joint CP & Surveillance, ex Royal Marine
“Tremendous course, you’ll get out what you put in to it. Brian & Nick have a wealth of experience & knowledge. Very hands on practical course.” royalnez (at) hotmail.co.uk

Zai Hussien, (August 09) Joint CP & Surveillance, ex Police
“A great course. Very thorough. A great investment.” zoomzai (at) hotmail.com

Damian Woods, (June 09), Joint CP & Surveillance, ex UK Military
“This course was challenging but enjoyable! I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time and I am sure that this will stand me in good stead for future employment.” damoe4654 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Garry Dawson, (June 09), Joint CP & Surveillance, ex Military
“Excellent course, intense, so much to learn in a short space of time. Left me wanting more!” garry (at) irishbroadband.net

Alan Lovett, (June 09), Joint CP & Surveillance, ex UK Military
“Excellent course with knowledgeable instructors. 100% recommended to anybody wishing to work in CP/Surveillance.” alan79 (at) live.co.uk

Sam Burns, (June 09), Surveillance Course, IT Security Specialist
“I found the course to be well constructed with excellent lessons provided. What I enjoyed the most was that there was plenty of time spent on the ground learning the skill sets required. The no nonsense attitude of instructors who taught me was well received from instructors that actually are operational using these skills. It must be noted this is not an attendance course like so many others in the market!” For further information about me please consult: www.trackclarity.co.uk

Tony Corrie, (July 09) Surveillance Course, ex UK Military
“I have been in this business for 30+ years, both as a civilian and whilst in the military. I wanted to be taught by people that practice what they preach. This is without doubt the best course I have ever been on and I would recommend it to anyone.”Please visit my website for further information about me. www.briareussecurity.com

Rick Nuttall, (June 09), CP & Surveillance, MD of Gemstone Executive Protection
“An excellent course with superb tuition. Very enjoyable”. For more information about Gemstone Executive Protection please visit our website at: www.gemstoneexecutiveprotection.co.uk

Charles Hutton, (June 09) CP & Surveillance, former UK Armed Forces
“The course and instructors are of an exceptional standard. The knowledge and skills that I have gained will stand me in good stead for my future career.” charlie_hutton (at) hotmail.co.uk

Matt Lane, (May 09) CP & Surveillance, Ex Royal Marines Commando
“The course is very thorough and hardwork, if you put the hard work in you will reap the rewards.” mattlane79 (at) live.co.uk

Mark Watson, (May 09) CP & Surveillance, Serving Soldier
“A difficult yet rewarding course taught by very experienced, professional instructors.” markwatson7 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Robert McAllister, (May 09) CP & Surveillance, Ex UK Soldier
“The instructors were helpful and never once belittled any course members. I learned a great deal on this course which I shall use to my advantage in the future.” bigrab6216 (at) hotmail.com

Ray Baty, (March 09) CP & Surveillance, Ex Royal Marines Commando
“Really interesting course. Brian & Nick know their stuff. Loved learning surveillance techniques. Great course.”raymondo1664 (at) tiscali.co.uk

John McMeekin, (March 09) CP & Surveillance, Ex Scotts Guards
“Excellent course, very hands on and done the way it should be. Sets a good standard for anyone getting into surveillance or CP work. EVERYONE should do this course.” johnmcmeekin (at) hotmail.co.uk

Alex Lanyi, (March 09) CP & Surveillance Course, Ex Para Regt
“Very good course with lots to learn.” alexplanyi (at) aol.com

Robert Lawrence, (January 09) CP & Surveillance Course, MD Own Business
“Unlike many courses, this is not an attendance course. You will be required to put in a lot of effort but for those who do, they will gain the knowledge and skills required to begin a career as a Professional Close Protection Operative. From now on, I will be putting all my guys through the Agrus Europe course.” www.keyguarduklimited.co.uk

Ryan Naish, (January 09) CP Course, Ex Para regt, Aegis Operator
“Great instructors with excellent subject matter knowledge based on real life experience. An extremely testing and enjoyable course.” ryan9281 (at) hotmail.co.uk

Nick Peacher, (January 09) CP Course, Royal Anglians
“A thoroughly enjoyable and challenging course that is direct and to the point” nicky-p-27 (at) hotmail.com

Jim Brightwell, (September 08) Close Protection Course, Ex RMP, Aegis Operator
“If you are thinking of doing a course then do your research, look at the course content and the experience/quality of the instructors. Some people talk a good course, Argus Europe deliver a good course – that is the difference! This course should be the benchmark for all courses.” jim_b378 (at) hotmail.com

Max Williamson (August 08) Close Protection Course, Ex 216 Signals
“This course redefines the word thorough! The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and it shows! Thankyou.” Please visit my website at www.komodored.com

Terry Coxon (August 08) Close Protection Course, Ex Artillery, CP last 5 years
“Extremely demanding course, thorough beyond belief. I have been involved as part of a CP Team for the last 5 yeras but learnt an unbelieviable amount while on this course. Hard work, highly rated, good fun. Please visit my website at www.shelldrakesecurity.co.uk

John Featherstone, (June & July 08) CP & Surveillance Course, EX Tankie
2 excellent courses, both intense, both hard work but both very rewarding. Excellent post course assistance has contributed to me now being fulltime on the circuit. The teaching style puts you at ease and the practical exercises give you the experience and confidence to get out there and do it for real!www.johnfeatherstone.co.uk

Richie Cooper (June 08) Close Protection Course, Civilian
“Coming from a non military background I still found the course manageable although intense and left wanting more! You could spend years listening to these guys and still learn something new everyday” Please visit my personal on-line CV for more information about me at www.richardjamescooper.co.uk

James Darwin (July 08) – Situational Awareness Course, Businessman
“2 superb days of intense, useful, practical exercises to protect me, my business and my family” jamesdarwin (at) hotmail.com

Damian Herrick (March 08) – Former New Zealand Police Officer.
“Amazing course, the experience of Brian, Nick & Bob is UNQUESTIONABLE. A very intensive 3 weeks with a steep learning curve but VERY rewarding!” drherrick (at) gmail.com

Richard White (Feb 08) – T.L. Erinys.
“The surveillance course was the most comprehensive and intense course I have done for a long time. Minimum classroom and maximum practical” stnicholas57 (at) hotmail.com

Steve Cahill (Jan 08) – S.A.C. Dip.
“Very professional set up ran by very experienced operators. No short cuts.” stevecahill70 (at) hotmail.com

Darren Leach (Dec 07) – Ex Soldier.
“The course was outstanding and the learning potential was enormous. Brian and Nick know what they are talking about in this game. An eye opening experience I would recommend to anyone”. pauline979 (at) btinternet.com

Guy Keighley (Nov 07) – Ex RSM of Close Protection Longmoor.
“A thoroughly professional and well ran course I would recommend to anyone” guykeighley (at) hotmail.com

Darren Mackay (April 06) – Ex South African Defence Force Paratrooper.
“I´d recommend any course run by Brian & Nick. I was still learning after I left and phoned them since leaving to tell them this!” dazsamackay (at) aol.com

Jaco Bothma (April 06) – Ex South African Defence Force.
“An enormous amount learnt from some very experienced guys” jpbothma (at) yahoo.com

Tom Powell (March 06) – Former US Navy Seal.
“I am an experienced operator but still learnt a lot from the course, particularly on the surveillance side of things. Thanks guys!” powellt02 (at) gmail.com

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