Argus Europe Limited – real testimonials from real people!

These are real testimonials from real people. We have included their e-mail addresses or websites with their permission so get in touch with them and ask them about their time with us. Do your research now and ensure that you select the right training provider. How many other training providers give you this information to help you make a decision? This is just a selection of the testimonials that we get, the hard copies are available for anyone to inspect should you wish to do so.

Jonathan Cole, March 2017 – Full Course

Great course run by professionals people with great life experience of the subjects that they teach. I gained so much from the course and will be back for some on-going surveillance training. jonathancole86 (at) outlook.com

Alex Standing, March 2017 – Full Course

Great course, all instructors are very knowledgeable and taught with realistic scenarios. alex.standing (at) hotmail.com

Neil Plewa, December 2016 – Full Course

Never done this work before in great detail and although there are many providers out there this was top of a list to attend. Very enjoyable, satisfying course, great staff. Thank you all. Would recommend this course to anyone. neilplewa1015 (at) gmail.com

Dax Crosby, December 2016 – Full Course

A very enjoyable course, instructed by faultless instructors who have years of knowledge and experience to share.

Robert Walisko, December 2016 – Full Course

Anyone who thinks they know about surveillance (or wants to know) should attend this course. You will learn a huge amount and have a marketable skill. robertw8001 (at) aol . com

Sheridan Coulthard

This course exceeded my expectations in all areas. The rigour in which it is delivered challenges the mind in numerous ways to ensure that we have the skills required of a CPO. Highly recommended. shed.coulthard (at) ncl.ac.uk

Leander Visser, November 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI, FPOS(I)

The course was excellent and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a CP course. lvisserr100 (at) gmail.com

Leigh James, November 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Although the course is intense, it was made enjoyable by the enthusiasm shown by the instructors and their passion for what they teach. leigh.james (at) yahoo.com

Andy Stevens, November 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Excelelnt course, professional throughout. andystevenson1983 (at) outlook.com

Mike Hiskett, October 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

The course was excellent from start to finish, all of the instructors were excellent in relaying what we needed to know and it was enjoyable throughout. michaelhiskett (at) hotmail.co.uk

Dilip Gurung, October 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

The course was excellent, very enjoyable. Instructors were great.

Pete Myers, June 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed.

Luke Hardy, June 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

This course provides up to date training delivered by professionals. Importantly they still operate in the industry. The course is practically based, providing an excellent starting point. lukehardy62 (at) hotmail.com

Michael Kennedy, April 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

Argus has served up a whole new perspective on how I feel about Close Protection; it was a good course. As a team we managed to get all of the work completed to a good standard. The training team is approachable, have years of experience and are always there to give direction if required. Please with my time with Argus Europe. kennyguns (at) hotmail.com

Adam Nesfield, April 2016, CP, Surveillance, PI

The course was excellent throughout, well worth doing. adamnes (at) gmail.com

Nicholas Scott, April 2016, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(i)

A very good course, excellent instruction, highly recommended.

Julian Moses, December 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)

Excellent course, well run. Accommodation more than adequate. Came away feeling confident and looking to apply new skills. julmoses1974 (at) gmail.com

Natasha McCabe, December 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)

As someone with no Police or Military service I was nervous to enter such a highly reputable TP, however the minute I arrived help was readily available. Now that I am qualified I know that I can still turn to Argus for on-going support! natalia.ann05 (at) gmail.com

Peter Fraser, November 2015, Surveillance & PI

An excellent course with a very high level of professionalism and expertise from the instructional staff. peterf1291 (at) gmail.com

Devon Clarke, November 2015, Surveillance & PI

First class course, first class tuition, first class practicals and first class instructors! qdevonclarkee (at) gmail.com

Lee McDonald, September 2015, CP, Surveillance, PI FPOS(I)

Very good value for money! I did not think that I would be interested in the PI and surveillance stuff but very much worthwhile! lee_mcDonald (at) hotmail.com

Bev, September 2015, CP, Surveillance, FPOS(I)

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Highly recommend Argus for the practical approach to learning – no unnecessary PowerPoint!

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