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Dave Westwood: All Seeing Investigations

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. We were instructed and then tested across all areas of surveillance. Instructor knowledge was outstanding. A very informative course.”

We are well known for the practical elements on our course, this has proven successful over the last 30+ years in which we have been involved with Commercial Operations. We have not just suddenly evolved this method training, we do it like this because of our proven track record in this department… works! Short classroom sessions are carried out during the course, they are necessary but they are no longer than necessary. We also provide all students with some pre-course learning so that we can lower the learning curve and make more rapid progress in the initial phases.

People do not come on our course so that they can stop for multiple coffee breaks and have an hour for lunch, which is great because we simply do not do it. Bring a packed lunch and a flask. Our Managing Director has carried out surveillance operations at the highest levels for many years for HMG and then carved out a successful career on the commercial circuit. If you are coming from a Military or Police background, you will need to adapt to be successful on the commercial circuit. It is no good teaching what you would have if you were doing it for HMG as commercially there are different factors to take into consideration, budget, laws and legislation and more, which obviously affects the way in which a surveillance operation is conducted. We have been and will continue to be a successful operational company…many have come and gone during our time in business, some have tried to replicate us and our success, most are no longer trading.

Course Dates 2017

May 10th – 16th

July 5th – 11th

Sept 13th – Sept 19th

October 1st – Oct 7th

Nov 29th – Dec 6th

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Service Leavers

We are an ELCAS Provider – please get in touch with us to discuss your resettlement needs. We are a long established training organisation offering exceptional value for money.

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Course Fees:

BTEC Level 3 in Advanced Surveillance

£950 + VAT

Who attends our surveillance courses?

We get a variety of people come to us, as you would expect. We have budding Private Investigators wishing to add this skill set to their armoury. We also often get qualified Close Protection Officers attend our surveillance course as the surveillance phase during their own CP course was not all that it could have been or indeed should have been. We also get people that have, to date, had no exposure to the industry but who are interested and perhaps looking at a career change. People appreciate that this skill not only works hand in glove with CP but that it can also be an excellent skill that allows you to go out and make a living alongside your work as a CPO or on its own.

What will I learn?

At Argus Europe we are realistic and stress to people that 1 week is merely scratching the surface when it comes to surveillance. At the same time we are confident that you will not get more training within 1 week anywhere else than you will with us. The week will provide you with enough knowledge so that you can make a start in the business. We also cover areas such as surveillance reports, logs, legal requirements and areas in which to obtain work post course. If you decide to come on our course then be prepared to work hard and put in the required effort. Each day is a long one as there is much to cover. The learning curve is steep but manageable and the reward at the end more than worth it. Why not get in touch with some of our former students and ask them?


Do I need to be from a Military or Police background to attend?

Absolutely not. Whilst we do get people with a military or Police background it is in no way essential and does not in our opinion mean that you will be more or less successful as a surveillance operator. The instructors have worked with a large amount of people over the years from a variety of backgrounds and some of the very best have been “civilians”. What matters is good training, a good attitude and a passion for the skill.

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Post Course Support

Ask our former students, we DO NOT turn our backs on you. Each student who passes any of our courses is invited to join the Argus Group so that they have an open link to us and our former students. We are always on hand for help and advice although we make no promises this group has proven useful for passing work around amongst the group. Everyone suffers from skill fade or forgets certain things and this is just the place to ask the questions that will be answered by ourselves or other students in a professional manner. We often get students pop up to see us for the day with their newly acquired surveillance vehicle so that we can help them put it together…no problem. These visits have the added bonus of allowing them to meet and network with the current course and we all need to network as much as possible!

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