Our Instructors

When it comes to instructing in our specialist areas we have excellent strength in depth. Our instructors have real world experience, be it government, commercial or a mixture of both. We also ensure that our instructors continue on with their own professional development so that standards continue to be raised within the organisation.

Brian Tough Q.G.M - Head of Training

A former bodyguard to Director Special Forces, Sheikh Yamani, Princess Caroline of Monaco, King Hussain of Jordan and other high profile individuals. A former Special Forces Instructor in Close Quarter Battle (C.Q.B), Surveillance, Close Protection Training and Counter Terrorism. 40 years of experience working at the very highest levels in the security industry.

Nick McCarthy - Head of Operations

A former Parachute Regiment Soldier with a variety of operational deployments behind him. On leaving the army Nick became a Security Consultant on a major Diamond Mining Project in Sierra Leone, West Africa and then a Close Protection Officer within the U.K. and the European Union. 

Nick has helped to develop numerous busniesses in the security industry and mentored a large amount of course students to help them setup successful businesses themselves.

Martin Cartwright - Head of Business

Martin has held positions with management responsibility for various businesses including business development and sales. Martin is a dedicated and knowledgeable investigations and intelligence professional, with a wealth of managerial and operational experience gained from conducting a wide variety of activities within the British Military, Police Service and the commercial security sector.

Chris Shaw - Consultant & Instructor

Following a career within the Royal Navy, Chris entered the private security sector initially working within the maritime domain before taking on commercial and corporate roles as a freelance consultant and manager internationally.  He is an extensively experienced and qualified manager and consultant, with a passion for helping organisations to embrace and manage risk to capitalise upon opportunity, and operate responsibly, ethically and sustainably in complex environments whilst achieving industry leading levels of excellence and compliance. 

Chris has been engaged as a Lead Auditor globally by multi-national organisations, designing systems and auditing against the requirements of international standards including ISO’s 31000, 45001, 22301, 14001, 9001 and security industry standards ISO 18788 and PSC.1, and held a seat on the Oversight Board of the world’s largest privately owned security company in a key corporate governance, internal audit and QHE capacity''

Mark "Nog" Gorman - Medical Instructor

Mark served for 22 years in the Army with Airborne Forces and after specialising in primary care and trauma medicine, spent the last six years of his Army career as a qualified Operating Department Practitioner. Whilst in this role, Mark has gained experience in places such as Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Iraq as well as military and NHS hospitals in the UK. Since leaving Armed Forces, Mark has taught on many and various First Aid courses both nationwide and abroad.