Networking whilst on a CPD course?

26th January 2011 Networking 0 Comments

Anyone who takes their continual professional development [CPD] seriously [that should meanEVERYBODY] will tell you that you must continue to attend courses, study for academic qualifications, be well read and much more besides throughout your professional life. What you must not forget is the excellent networking opportunities that all of the afore mentioned can afford you. To this end you must ensure that whilst you are attending a training course, an academic seminar or similar that you represent yourself in an manner that you would be happy for your fellow participants to pass on to their network of friends and colleagues. That is not to say that in the lighter moments of a course you cannot let your hair down and relax, you would not be human if you did not so this, just do not do something that you may live to regret as it may well come back to haunt you or at the very least cost you money and ultimately progression within your chosen profession. The security industry is no different to any other, people’s opinions do matter, especially when you are potentially only exposed to them for a short period of time and this time could be the difference between them recommending you to a colleague or providing you with work directly. The Security Industry relies heavily on personal recommendations, ensure that people’s opinion of you is all that it can be

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Nick McCarthy

Nick McCarthy is a former Parachute Regiment soldier who has been operating in the commercial security environment since 2004. Nick has undertaken tasks in the UK and overseas both as part of a team and as a single operator. Having worked for some of the most significant risk management companies in the UK he has taken part in and led numerous complex and sensitive surveillance tasks. He has worked directly and indirectly for UK Police Forces, Councils, Housing Associations, Blue Chip companies and HNWI. In addition to his operational portfolio he has also been an integral part of Argus Europe, one of the leading Close Protection, Surveillance and Investigations training companies since 2005. He is fully understanding of the need for the operating and training cycle to be maintained. Nick is a blogger and author having penned the The Service Leavers' Guide with a friend and colleague.

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