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18th September 2012 Training 0 Comments

It seems to be increasingly common for those that provide military resettlement training to receive a right good slagging from just about everyone for absolutely anything! You know, I can see why this is the case, there are a lot of companies out there that have given the good guys a bad name and as ever bad news spreads quicker than good news.  We run our business how we feel that it should be run and not how others think we should do it but we do of course listen to feedback, take criticism seriously and where appropriate make changes. 

Post course support

The guys and girls that attend our courses come from a variety of backgrounds, some are ex military, others have never worn a uniform in their lives but regardless of this we offer on-going post course support to everyone. The people who visit us during their resettlement period are quite often very nervous about what is out ‘there’ because the military is all that they have ever known and this is why we place a good deal of emphasis on the fact that the door does not close once you have completed your training course. We have also learned through our own experience and that passed on by others that what you are told during your resettlement period by well meaning career transition workshop people is not always accurate for our industry. In our opinion the workshops should be sector specific…….we would not anticipate that someone re-training as an electrician should recieve exactly the same advice as someone wanting to complete our maritime security course!

How do we do this?

We understand that the need to be able to easily connect with our students, it is more important than ever before. If connecting is a pain in the arse to do then people will be unlikely to do it – simple as that really. To that end we have a facebook group and for those of you who do not like to be on the social network we have another online group that people can use in a similar way. We find that our closed groups work much better for our guys than many of the open groups out there. Although there are some open groups that have value many people are not confident in posting in them for fear of being shot down by the all knowing keyboard warriors that seem to proliferate the internet. We want our guys and girls to be able to shout up about anything that they want and receive a reasonable answer from another former student and fellow professional operator. This attitude encourages everyone to feel good about asking questions and sharing knowledge.

Can you call us?

We get an amazing amount of calls from former students and we always answer the phone! The nature of the calls varies from those wanting advice about a specific job that they are going on or submitting a tender for to people wanting some pre-interview tips. Some people call as they wish to book on an additional course, perhaps their First Person On The Scene Course has lapsed and they wish to renew it or maybe they are looking at getting in to surveillance after becoming tired of travelling abroad for many years?  It really does depend but regardless of what your phone call is about we endeavour to help out the best that we can so that you put the phone down feeling that you have moved forward.

Are you getting it?

There are many considerations when looking at selecting a training provider and what happens post course should be a major factor in your decision. If your chosen provider does not provide this then think twice as you will require it at some point. If they have a ‘group’ but merely use it to push their training courses then really it is of limited use to you.

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About the Author

Nick McCarthy

Nick McCarthy is a former Parachute Regiment soldier who has been operating in the commercial security environment since 2004. Nick has undertaken tasks in the UK and overseas both as part of a team and as a single operator. Having worked for some of the most significant risk management companies in the UK he has taken part in and led numerous complex and sensitive surveillance tasks. He has worked directly and indirectly for UK Police Forces, Councils, Housing Associations, Blue Chip companies and HNWI. In addition to his operational portfolio he has also been an integral part of Argus Europe, one of the leading Close Protection, Surveillance and Investigations training companies since 2005. He is fully understanding of the need for the operating and training cycle to be maintained. Nick is a blogger and author having penned the The Service Leavers' Guide with a friend and colleague.

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