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31st July 2012 Medical 0 Comments

There is no getting away from it, being medically qualified at the correct level can really enhance your chances of employment within the security industry. It is now accepted that the FPOS Intermediate is the accepted entry level award for those looking for medical accreditation. In this case, entry level does not mean basic, far from it in fact as the FPOS (I) course is much much more than an elastoplast sticking exercise as some of our most recent students can testify to!

First Aid at Work?

We get a lot of enquiries asking “why do I need to attend the FPOS (I), I have an in date first aid at work award (FAW) award?” Well, the truth is, you do not need to but the FAW falls well short of what the security industry now demands. It may well be enough if you are working in a benign environment in a none security related role but for anyone wishing to be able to apply medical treatment prior to the paramedics arriving then the FPOS (I) is a far superior award and recognised as such within the security industry. Doing ‘just enough’ is never the answer in this industry and good medical skills are a part of this industry, make no mistake about it.

Putting the FPOS (I) to good use!

It goes without saying that you do not really want to put your med skills to the test, not really anyway as that means that someone is in pain, however having the skills and the confidence to use them is another matter as we were happy to share with you all recently when one of our former students emailed to tell us about an incident in which she was involved with. In fact, she was pivotal in this incident having a successful outcome. It just goes to show that your training can have benefits outside of what you actually undertook the training for as was the case here. ‘S’ is not and is unlikely ever to be involved in our industry but she was able to use the skills she gained whilst with us to good effect and is now clear that her future lies within the medical professions.

Continual profesional development

This is something that we do advise our students about and it is great to hear back from the guys who actually take this on-board and tell us about what they are doing to improve upon their skill set. Just recently we had one such guys (JB) get in touch to say that he had arranged 2 weeks with a local hospital whilst on leave from his rotation in Iraq! Now that shows commitment to the cause and the benefits of this will be reaped by JB for many years to come. Why is this? Well, by doing this in his own time he:

  • demonstrates his commitment to his own CPD
  • shows his commitment to his role
  • demonstrates to future (potential) employers what a professional that he is
  • places himself in an improved position when it comes to selecting those for more demanding roles

This list really could go on and on but to suffice to say, what he has done has no negatives, just remember to let your partner know exactly why you are doing this extra (unpaid) work. If they know then there will be more understanding as described here.

Keep on top of your training and always look at ways of improving on your skill set!

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