Communication skills via email…..neglect them at your peril!

31st December 2011 Business 0 Comments

Since I started off in business I have always found it unbelievable how some people in the security industry converse via email, almost unbelievable in fact. In my opinion it does not matter if you are the client paying for a service OR the service provider contracted in by the client to provide such a service, your professionalism must come across EVERY time you communicate. It is fair to say that we will all at some time feel like writing an aggressive email but this should be avoided at all costs. You must always respond rather than react.

Unfortunately, this is something that I feel the former military personal can be particularly poor at. Why is this? I do not think it boils down to education; many military people are well educated intelligent people so perhaps it is more the culture? Being a former serviceman myself and still being very much involved with military personnel i see poor communication, especially via email all too often.  People paying for a service appear to think that this gives them the god given right to be <strong>direct, rude, unpleasant and insulting </strong>- it does not, not in any way shape or form. Not only will this make you look <strong>unprofessional</strong>, word will spread and people will be reluctant to work for or with you and this may well have an affect on your reputation or that of your business. Some people may feel that during these economical depressing times it is unlikely that people will turn work down no matter how they are treated via email, to a point this is true but even those that cannot turn down the work will begin to look for other avenues so that they do not need to put up with your irate emails.

If you receive an email that has angered you, wait before you respond. Write a draft reply, read it, ask someone close to you to read it to ensure that your response comes across in the best possible way and then and only then hit the send button. If email is becoming a problem then look at others ways to communicate with the other party such as a telephone call or skpye and you may find that issues can be resolved more readily. You could even go about things the old fashioned way and arrange a face to face meeting!

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