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We know only too well that becoming qualified is one thing but that gaining on-going employment and experience is entirely another; we have been there ourselves. During our courses we cover much more than just the practical skills that are required, we cover the next step, the step beyond that and in to the distance. We also provide a network for all of our students in the Argus Group.

Those of you who are service leavers will lose a large part of your network when you leave the armed forces. You may well remain in touch with some of your better mates, there may well be an online group for your particular arm or corps but it is unlikely that they will offer you that 1:1 support that is required, especially during your first forays into the circuit.

There are other areas where you can turn to for help such as the online networking portals for the masses and these are in some cases worth a look but they are not and never will be a close knit professional network that you can turn to as you progress in your career.

The Argus Group has been in existence in various forms since 2007 and is a thriving network of professional, dedicated operators that is open to all Argus Students past and present. It offers you somewhere to turn to when you need advice, an area where you will not be laughed at for asking what the ‘keyboard warriors’ that proliferate the internet seem to think is a stupid question…if you do not know or you are unsure then you must be able to ask.

The Argus Group will make the time and the effort to answer your questions and in a professional and courteous manner. You will not be left to struggle. You will not be ridiculed. You will be supported. You will have a network.


We make no promise of employment to ANYONE….NONE but the Argus Group is awash with potential opportunities for all. Due the pro-activeness that we instil in our students and the desire of them to pass on work opportunities to fellow Argusers there is an excellent amount of opportunities available to all on a regular basis both oversea and UK based.

Due to the fact that we have been training for some years now we have some former students in some influential positions within some really interesting organisations and this can only add to the group’s capabilities.

Generally good, proactive people will gain good opportunities if guided correctly. If you do not dig out and over deliver then you will regress.


The commercial security market in the UK is a vibrant place and indications are that it will remain so. It goes without saying that not everyone can have ‘the top job’ even if you are qualified to fulfil the role. There are jobs at the bottom, jobs at the top and a vast array of jobs somewhere in the middle and all of these jobs need filling. Some of the opportunities may be well below the level that you are accustomed to working at and should not be seen as a long-term thing but they are there to facilitate your passage to bigger and better things.

The UK circuit is up and down just like every other element of business but the security industry will ALWAYS be there…


The so called ‘hostile environment’ circuit in some ways mirrors the UK market in that it ebs and flows. If you are thinking of getting on the circuit then accept that this is the case. You may be in continuous employment for several years, you may not however as we have pointed out above there are jobs at every level, if you can afford to wait for the ideal job then it is up to you to do so.

You should be aware that the ‘HE’ marketplace is not just Iraq and Afghanistan. There are interesting jobs abrous in Africa, South America and the Far East. Does your portfolio allow you apply?


  • "Whilst critically cynical of the need to undergo such a course I strongly believe that this course will direct the way I move forward in the security industry. The course focuses more on the very necessary CP + surveillance skills, the added value comes from the in-depth knowledge and experience of those who instruct."
    Richard Clark MC, Security Manager
  • I arrived at Argus Europe with the initial intention that there wouldn't be too much for a former serviceman to learn. How wrong can one be! The course has a strange feel to it in the sense that it is all very relaxed but at the same time full on and this can only be accomplished by skilled and diligent instructors. The emphasis on the course was on the ground and as little as possible in the classroom and from what I've learned from friends and colleagues who have attended other courses it is a matter of saving money and getting people qualified. At Argus it seems to be a slightly different approach in that they want you to learn, they want you to be better at your chosen profession. At the end of the day it is their name that you carry with you when you go to an employer. GREAT COURSE would highly recommend them.
    Si Heathershaw, Company Owner
  • “An extremely enjoyable course delivered by consummate professionals who clearly have a great deal to offer the industry. Highly recommended.”  Steve Heaney, MC
    Steve Heaney MC, Author and Security Consultant
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