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The Argus Group, is going from strength to strength! We are very much focussed on post course support for our students, we stay in touch with students and make every effort to continue on the relationship through their careers in the security industry. For many people a course is simply their first step in a long career, others come to as experienced operators but the Argus Group still provides a place for them to network, ask questions, pass on good practice and pass on or purchase equipment at excellent prices amongst themselves.

Any employment opportunities are sent out as a group e-mail giving everyone who subscribes the opportunity to take up the all important employment opportunities.

The medium we have chosen to use for this is Lefora Free Forums. Our members only group can be tweeked to represent your company image and you do not need to be a computer expert to be able to do this. For more information click the link below to be taken to their web site. Lefora are rolling out new features all the time and the more guys that attend our courses and join the group the better it will become for all concerned.

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Nick McCarthy is a former Parachute Regiment Soldier with a variety of operational deployments behind him. Upon leaving the military Nick became a Security Consultant on a major Diamond Mining Project in Sierra Leone, West Africa, a Close Protection Officer and Surveillance Operator. Nick has gained a high level of experience while working for Argus Europe and other major National and International companies specialising in Fraud Investigations and Risk Management. Nick trains students in Close Protection, Surveillance and Private Investigations whilst remaining operational across this skill set.

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