When it comes to instructing in our specialist areas we believe that we have excellent strength in depth. We insist that our instructors have real world experience, be it government, commercial or a mixture of both. We also ensure that our instructors continue on with their own professional development so that standards continue to be raised within the organisation.

Brian Tough Q.G.M.
A former bodyguard to Director Special Forces, Sheikh Yamani, Princess Caroline of Monaco, King Hussain of Jordan and other high profile individuals. A former Special Forces Instructor in Close Quarter Battle (C.Q.B), Surveillance, Close Protection Training and Counter Terrorism. 35 years of experience working at the very highest levels in the security industry.

Nick McCarthy
A former Parachute Regiment Soldier with a variety of operational deployments behind him. On leaving the army Nick became a Security Consultant on a major Diamond Mining Project in Sierra Leone, West Africa and then a Close Protection Officer within the U.K. and the European Union. Since returning to the U.K. fulltime a high level of experience has been gained while working as an established surveillance operator for Argus Europe and other major National and International companies specialising in Fraud Investigations and Risk Management. Training students in Close Protection, Surveillance and Private Investigations continue to mix well with an on-going operational commitment in those areas.

Graeme Kerr Q.C.B.
A former member of United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) Group, Graeme has become a Personal Protection Officer for an International Risk Management Company working with multi service teams involved in highly sensitive security operations. A broad range of surveillance and security consultancy experience gained while with UKSF, working covertly with other Government Security Services within the U.K. on counter terrorist operations. A high level of operator experience has been obtained as both a team member and team leader. Experienced in advanced Close Quarter Battle, hostage rescue and extraction, progressive/defensive driving, advanced surveillance (mobile, foot, air and technical) and advanced Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR). An experienced Special Forces medic with hospital attachments and associated civilian qualifications.

Mark ‘Nog’ Gorman
Mark served for 22 years in the Army with Airborne Forces and after specialising in primary care and trauma medicine, spent the last six years of his Army career as a qualified Operating Department Practitioner. Whilst in this role, Mark has gained experience in places such as Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Iraq as well as military and NHS hospitals in the UK. Since leaving Armed Forces, Mark has taught on many and various First Aid courses both nationwide and abroad.

Bob Dunkley
Bob has been a combat shooting instructor to the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, 15 times British Champion, 3 Times European Champion, 3 times runner up European Champion and holder of 4 World Titles at three gun matches. 1 of only 5 World Masters at Combat shooting. Provider of C.Q.B. training for Close Protection Teams (Worldwide) for close to 30 years.

Why choose us?

  • A trusted name amongst employers
  • Longevity
  • On-going post course support
  • Extensive experience
  • Subject matter experts
  • ELCAS approved

Training courses provided

Who have we worked for?

Our Services include:

Close Protection

We  provide professional Close Protection services to individuals or companies, large and small. Are you at risk? Do you feel the need to have your partner or off-spring protected? We can provide the peace of mind that you require.


We have a huge amount of experience in this particular field; it is an area that we are exceptionally passionate about. Surveillance has a multitude of uses for both individuals and businesses. If you want one person ┬ásurveillance then please consult the yellow pages as we do not do 1 person surveillance….

Private Investigations

Our investigations services are renowned. Often our enquiries achieve results without boots having to deploy on to the ground which can be an extremely cost effective way of getting your result.


We have been training hi-networth individuals for many years now and continue to do so. We also train a large amount of service leavers and are approved by the MOD to do so so (in support of the ELC Scheme). Please see our testimonials page for what people have said about their time with us.

Security Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services to all of our clients; sometimes a chat can be all that you need for you to make an informed decision. If we cannot help you then we will not waste your time but we will try offer a way forward.

Security Drivers

Do you not have the need for a Close Protection Officer or a full blown surveillance team? Many clients want a driver that is ‘security aware’ and ‘surveillance’ trained to help them go about their lives in a more confident manner.