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BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Operations, £2100 + VAT which includes:
BTEC Level 3 in Advanced Surveillance (leading to SIA)
BTEC Level 2 FPOS Intermediate  

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To ensure each and every one of our students is trained above and beyond their roles in close protection operations, each phase of our close protection courses is designed to provide the complete package when gaining the qualifications and experience each candidate needs to succeed in the industry and apply for their own SIA licence.

All students must first complete the intensive advanced surveillance phase of the course before progressing to close protection. Surveillance and close protection are a vital combination throughout the sector and successful candidates can benefit from an all-round qualification that leads to them having the pick of industry roles following course completion.

Close Protection Training Courses

With over 30 years spent providing the next generation of operatives with specialist security skills, we are well aware that close protection training isn’t for the faint hearted! In fact students enrolling on our close protection training courses need to match brains with brawn to prosper in the classroom, during practical assessments and in the field post-study.

All Argus instructors utilise first-hand experience to teach all students the tricks of the trade and set them on the path to success both physically and theoretically. Courses also include First Person on the Scene Medical training; again instructors have a wealth of expertise in the medical field to do things by the book, not out of the book!

Step into the circuit with confidence and prove to prospective clients that you are a qualified and competent operative by enrolling our specialist training courses.


What subjects are covered during your CP Course?

We have to cover the obligatory subjects as laid down by the SIA which are listed below:

  • Roles & responsibilities of the Close Protection operative
  • Threat & risk assessment
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Operational planning
  • Law & legislation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Close Protection team work
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close Protection foot techniques
  • Route selection
  • Use of Close Protection vehicle techniques
  • Search awareness
  • Incidents and dilemmas
  • Venue based security
  • Communication and conflict management skills

In addition to this you will also be instructed in areas that the course instructors feel are relevant to the industry based on their extensive knowledge.

Is there anything else?

We pride ourselves in giving our students the very best chance of gaining employment within the Security Industry and to that end all of our students are advised about Curriculum Vitae’s, Personal Portfolios, the etiquette required on The Circuit and more….just ask our students, they will tell you just how valuable this element of the course is.

Post Course Support

Many training providers have been criticised over the years for not offering post course support and quite rightly so. At Argus Europe we do not do this and have set up a group for Argus students only. Upon successful completion of your course you will be given access to the Argus Group where you can easily network with other Argus students and be made aware of potentially vital information regarding employment opportunities and legislative changes.

Courses 2015

20th September – 9th October

18th October – 6th November

15th November – 4th December

Courses 2016

3rd January – 22nd January


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Ex UK military personel can use their enhanced learning credits with Argus Europe.

Argus Europe are preferred suppliers to the Career Transition Partnership.


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