Close Protection & Surveillance Course: October 2010

27th October 2010 Training 0 Comments

Well another course ends and ends on a nice high note with the course completing a final exercise on a busy Saturday in and around the City of Durham. The amount of planning and preparation that went in to this exercise was clear to see with the tone being established with a good set of orders. Throughout the day the students dealt well with any ’slight’ changes to itinerary that our principal decided were necessary in order for herself and her party to enjoy their day. Adaptability and flexibility always play a significant part in our exercise scenarios and after nearly 3 weeks the guys and girls were well used to this, a point which our principal for the day remarked on during the debrief.

This course was particularly strong on team work and this showed in the results that they achieved throughout the surveillance and CP phase and demonstrates what can be achieved by a strong team; well done guys, a good strong pass from all of you……..we just need to await your test results now!

Another course is due to form up on the 1st November and they have a lot to live up to in order to achieve the same results as the October course…….i have no doubt that this can done!

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