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Close Protection


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Close Protection Training


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Level 3 Surveillance £950


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Close Protection

We firmly believe that Close Protection and Surveillance work hand in glove which is one reason why we put all of our students through an intensive surveillance phase prior to commencing on the Close Protection phase of the course. Time after time the feedback from course students tells us…


We are well known for the practical elements on our course, this has proven successful over the last 30+ years in which we have been involved with training. We have not just suddenly evolved this method training, we do it like this because of our proven track record in this department…..it works!



The Private Investigations (PI) industry is soon to become a licensable activity. Argus Europe are one of only 5 training providers that are part of the Association of British Investigators Training Academy. We have vast experience carrying out investigations across the world; we have been running PI courses for 7 years.

Argus Europe

Argus Europe Limited was established in 1992 by Managing Director Brian Tough Q.G.M. a former Special Forces soldier and Bodyguard to many high profile individuals. Argus Europe has been providing specialist training for high-net worth clients and their families since the early 1990’s. Argus Europe is an operational company working globally with an extensive variety of contracts.

We only deliver courses where we feel we have legitimate operational experience. You will not see us offering courses in what is the latest, greatest fad. We have core strengths and we deliver along those lines.

Before deciding on a training provider…

You should be asking your training provider lots of questions prior to booking your place on any course. Think long and hard about this decision, it will be one of the most important decisions that you make concerning the rest of your lives.

1. Who are the instructors, what are their backgrounds, have they operated CP commercially worldwide and not just the UK. Are any of the instructors from a SF background?

2. What percentage of the training is out of the classroom (or is it unrealistic training by power point to save costs).

3. How many training vehicles have they.  Are the vehicles fleet insured for the training. If you are asked to provide your own car for any of the training then your insurance will probably not cover you.

4. Have they comprehensive insurance for the training itself? Ask for proof!

5. Do you get a CQB pistol training day as part of the course instructed by the UKs leading trainer?

6. Do you get the FPOS(I) medical qualification as part of the package. Virtually every company are insisting on it as the minimum medical requirement.

7. Will you leave the course with FPOS(I), CP level 3, Advanced Surveillance Level 3 and Private Investigation Level 3.

8. Have they genuine testimonials on their site from people who you can get in touch with to ask questions about the training.

If these standards are not met then you may end up in a classroom 8 hours a day writing essays watching power points and not receiving reality training purely to cut costs.

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Ex UK military personnel can use their enhanced learning credits with Argus Europe.

Argus Europe are preferred suppliers to the Career Transition Partnership.

The Argus Group

Those who pass our CP, Surv, Private Investigations courses will be offered the opportunity to join a fantastic networking group that we ourselves run. We believe that this group is the most professional, proactive and informative group on the net. No smart alec comments, no keyboard warriors, just excellent advice, guidance and a raft of employment opportunities. There are no promises of work but the group generates an excellent amount of work due to the sheer amount of influential people within it. Think about it…..you become qualified but where does the work come from? Without a network you WILL struggle to make an impact.